let’s try that with more clouds

The sun keeps peeking out and destroying this broodingly cloudy Monday. Which is fine, except that it’s not the optimal weather for listening to Alice In Chains Unplugged on repeat.

Last week was rather swampy at work, so there were little extra lunch minutes to spare with blogging. That’s why this entry is quite a catch-up on the links.

This weekend was serene and productive. Friday night I went to Liza Kate and Curtis Patton‘s photography opening at Nonesuch. The photos were excellent, Matt and Diana were there, and Maddie bought a dress. This is probably the only art opening I’ve ever been to that had goodie bags for the attendees. I like this idea, and I fully support it. Yesterday when I opened up my goodie bag, the experience was as delightful as receiving a letter from a close friend in the mail. Tactile and fun. There was a printed-up photo of a carnival, a polaroid of Liza Kate’s old AC unit in Gainesville, and a bag of green tea (I can always add those to the supply). I also loved their use of those Moo mini-cards, available via Flickr. The goodie bag idea ensured that the attendees won’t just go off and forget all about the opening, which is what normally happens after too much wine and cheese.

I think Johnny Z works at every single Richmond location that I frequent. Or it seems that way anyway.

Friday night I also went to Legend Brewery to hang out for Jonathan’s birthday. That was a lot of fun. Legend has good beer (which is a big deal for me to say) and good food, and it’s seriously 4 minutes away from my house. I need to file it away as somewhere kind of “different” to go when I’m sick of the usual haunts. The only thing I don’t like about it is the fact that the lighting sucks, and that it’s one huge, loud room. That being said…it’s the only place in town that both me and my dad can agree upon. You can’t really take Dad to Ipanema, because honestly he’ll like one of those no-frills, plain-ol-beer places in the Bottom a lot better. But if you take Sine, and get rid of all (or most of) the idiot frat boys, you’ve got Legend. Also, there are Celtic flags hanging up everywhere, and a replica of what Maddie called “Excalibur” hanging on the wall. These things almost make up for the bad lighting. Yes indeed.

Saturday I did some sewing and watched all of Scrubs: Season 4, disc 2. Then I spent some quality errand-running time with Sean, complete with the obligatory Justin Spivey air guitar solo in the basement of Plan 9. That man is my hero.

Afterwards I went home and put about a three-hour dent in my “scan in all the old family photos” project. It is loud and laborious, but listening to records and having a drink while getting it done helps a lot.

Saturday night an all-star cast was present at Ipanema, full of tons of people who hadn’t seen each other in a while. An excellent time all around.

Sunday brunch consisted of me, Sean, Brad V., KC, Katia, and Gianna, and took place at Harrison St. After that, for most of the day I continued scanning in old photos, which makes this one of the most productive weekends ever as far as Tess’ giant list of projects goes. Funny how that happens when Maddie isn’t in town to distract me from my activities in my laboratory with her prancing around the room with her good humor. I need solitude!

Last night I watched Diner, because it’s probably the last movie Maddie owns that I’ve never watched. It was garbage. Absolutely nothing of note happened during the whole movie, except for Kevin Bacon’s character being drunk. Oh wait, that was for the entire duration. This is a movie about the kind of guys that are the antithesis of everything I like: talented, motivated, stylish, intelligent, and people who don’t base their relationships on how well the girlfriend does at a football quiz.

I had dinner with Justin Bailey at Joe’s, and it was nice to catch up. Afterwards I read more from what’s apparently the coolest ghost story book ever, and went to sleep. Today I felt more well-rested than I have in many, many moons.

In case you wanted to see still more footage of David being awesome in the nineties, click here. For those of you who are around 22 years old and younger…this was when Twisters was cool.

This week’s going to be super busy, and will include activities like hanging out with Talia, going to C-ville on a Tuesday night (that’s right, Katey), checking out the celtic music service at St. Andrew’s, having meat loaf with the Dixons, seeing Moste Potente Potions at the Bonezone, and having a baking night with my mom in preparation for Katie’s bridal shower on Saturday.

After that, I can think about something other than baked goods and wedding things for a while. Until the end of March!

  • Not that you’d want to, but you can make t-shirts featuring your Mii.
  • Wish they had a tea set, but very cool Alice dishes, anyway.
  • Less than three.
  • This cuckoo clock is going to live in our house. The thing I always hated about cuckoo clocks was that they were always brown.
  • What most clueless people consider “jewelry” to be, sucks. This jewelry, however, is cool.
  • This may be taking the whole woodland thing too far.
  • WD-40 = useful.
  • Delicious-looking food blog. This is what I’m going to spend a lot of time this weekend trying to do: create beautiful baked goods. I’ll bet mine don’t turn out this pretty.
  • This is what I’m talking about when I say “good lighting.” If it’s got to be brighter, it should be more flattering. If I could get Maddie to stop turning on the overhead lights in the living room, I would invest in these.
  • Gary has a good idea about getting rid of blinky things by using a Firefox extension. Extensions are a good thing, trust me. I just started using FoxyTunes (dumb name, good extension) so that I can avoid toggling back and forth, back and forth between my browser and iTunes. If you are still using IE, btw…WHY?
  • I don’t even need a rug, and I want this.
  • I feel like I’ve linked to this wallpaper before, but I still love it, and I want you to look at it again. Why, oh why, oh why, when wallpaper like this exists, do landlords still insist on coating walls in thick, lumpy coats of off-white?
  • Interesting tidbit about the weirdo / genius that I’m always reading, Mr. Lovecraft.
  • See, this is why you subscribe to Cryptomundo. Exciting.
  • For some reason this strikes me as something Kathryn would like.
  • I want my car to smell like grape.
  • The rock star art review, from YuppiePunk. Classic.
  • John Williams had a birthday last week. Thanks to him for providing the various soundtracks by which I narrate my life when necessary. They’re just always so…appropriate.
  • Wife, maybe we should try these?
  • Parasol alert!
  • Heehee, a cookie saucer.
  • What she calls “Eggs in a hole,” my family calls “Bulls’ eyes.” Either way, one of my favorite breakfasts ever. We had it on Christmas morning this year. Even my dad can make it.
  • This cat door is exciting to me, because that was always the problem with cat doors before. Any cat can just come on in. And in Oregon Hill, that is a bad thing.


2 thoughts on “let’s try that with more clouds

  1. Thanks for coming, Tess – I don’t think I got a chance to say that the other night.

    Oh, and glad you liked the golden bag of goodies!

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