glow sticks. why?

Friday night was spent eating fancy cheese, drinking wine, and making eyes at Maddie’s old art professors and gallery clients.  It was productive.  Afterwards we met up with one of Maddie’s high school friends, and then headed to Avalon for more hanging out.

Saturday I did some crazy organizing (more about this later), baked some things with Mandy, and went to Charlottesville with Maddie and Bruce.  We had dinner with Katey at a delicious Thai place called Monsoon, and then headed to a birthday party.  The party’s glow stick quotient was way too high for comfort, but once our other friends got there and Maddie and I switched from weak mixed drinks to whiskey, all was well.  I’ve said it before, but it always “bears repeating,” as they say.  No matter how bleak the outlook, C-ville always ends up being a knock-down drag-out good time.  We worked off the drink calories on the dance floor.

Afterwards we spent the night at Hallam’s house, a really neat cabin in the woods.  Sunday morning we breakfasted with Katey and Jimmy at the Tavern, a place decorated in blue and orange and plastered with UVA sports posters.  Then we drove home, where I organized for about SIX more hours.  Then a couple that Maddie and Bruce are friends with (Eric and Rachel) came over for dinner, which was fun.  I like hanging out with them; they are intelligent and they don’t spend the entire conversation complaining about something or other, which is really a waste of time.  Maddie’s chicken pot pie was delicious.

Although my suite at the house seems incredibly clean and organized, I have my ways of hiding my mess (a la Monica in Friends).  Up until this weekend, there were certain designated areas in which I allowed myself to keep a giant mess, since those areas were out of sight.  Only 1.5 years after moving into this house, I finally went through all this stuff and organized it.  I got rid of three trash bags full of stuff.  Here’s what I tackled:

  • The hall closet
    — Top shelf: Obsolete / unwanted electronics.  Wii stuff.  Shopping bags.  Wrapping paraphernalia.  Paint.
    — 2nd shelf: Towels. Fabric I’m likely to use soon / often.  Boxes full of notes and keepsakes spanning back to the 5th grade.  Box of various tissue papers for wrapping, etc.  Extra toiletries.  Tools, shoe polish, cleaning supplies.
    — 3rd shelf: The few stacks of CDs I’ve deemed should be kept instead of thrown out.  Folded-up jackets and coats, about 47 of them (about 2 of them fit me right now).  Fireworks.  An empty box that I’ll probably need at some point.
    — Floor: Large quantities of fabric / linens.  Blankets.  A globe.  Light fixtures that came with the house but that I have dissected.  My drill.  A box of meticulously folded scrap fabric.
  • My sewing box
    — Too detailed to get into.  Many small plastic bags and plastic containers full of thread, closures, needles, and little embellishments.
  • My trimmings box
    — Mostly little pieces of fabric and other things useful for trimming garments, culled from the scrap fabric box and the sewing box.
  • The black bookcase
    — All books about ghosts or local history removed.
    — Made room for ye olde Thundercats lunchbox and ye olde Voltron.
    — Dusted, straightened, organized.
  • The white bookcase
    — Books about ghosts or local history are now organized over several cubes, in order from tallest to shortest (thanks to the space left by removing the Thundercats lunchbox and Voltron).
  • My desk
    — Top, right-hand drawer: Writing utensils, sticky notes, tape, glue, scissors, etc.
    — Middle, right-hand drawer: Wii controllers, USB cables for camera, PEZ dispensers, playing cards, packing tape.
    — Bottom, right-hand drawer: Staple guns, CDRs and DVDRs, stationery, address book, etc.
    — Top, left-hand shelf: CDs I need to either review or throw away, a box full of rubber stamps from when I was a kid, etc.
    — Bottom, left-hand shelf: Bizarre old things I’d cut out of magazines, old show flyers, old letters, printer paper, instructions, receipts, etc.

Et voila.  My life is organized.

TMI?  Possibly.  But holy smokes, it feels good to know that if I wanted to find almost anything in the universe that I own, I could find it within two minutes.  Plus, this is a good study of my personality, on many levels.  Or shelves.

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