this is a bad business, eugene

You NEED to see this.  It is officially my favorite mini-series yet.  Possibly one of the best things I’ve ever watched.  Probably the best story ever (thanks again, Charles).  The eerieness, bizarre characters, vivid imagery, themes of insanity, surprising plot twists that don’t even surprise you the way you’d expect…it’s almost too much.  Just….watch it.   I’m going to read the book as well.

“It is a sensation not experienced by many mortals,” said he, “to be looking into a churchyard on a wild windy night, and to feel that I no more hold a place among the living than these dead do, and even to know that I lie buried somewhere else, as they lie buried here. Nothing uses me to it. A spirit that was once a man could hardly feel stranger or lonelier, going unrecognized among mankind, than I feel.


2 thoughts on “this is a bad business, eugene

  1. I think that a fan site may be in order. Mr. Eugene Wrayburn!

    too bad it’s over. But Mr. Headstone is going to give me nightmares for weeks.

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