fotki to flickr

Sometimes you have to do something just because Ryan told you to.  Or, just because Ryan told you a pretty easy way to do it, and you’ve been meaning to do it anyway.

Moving my photos from fotki to flickr has been a much-thought-about, much-talked-about, and much-anticipated move for me.  I just kept thinking “I really really really don’t want to rifle through all the photo folders on my computer and figure out what order they need to be in, etc. etc., and upload ALL of them onto a new site.”  Ryan suggested dumping all my photos from fotki onto my hard drive via FTP, and then just uploading them in that file structure into flickr.  Eureka.  It actually wasn’t as easy as it sounds, especially since I really wanted my photos organized into sets in flickr, and it doesn’t do that automatically.  So I had to do it folder by folder. But the flickr uploadr works so incredibly fast that it was no problem at all, and actually sort of fun to see all my photos again.

So now I’m all on flickr, and I can do groups and photo pools and everything else.

It took a couple of days, but I think it was worth it.  Fotki was really great too, but this seems to be even greater.


4 thoughts on “fotki to flickr

  1. Awesome! I moved to flickr a while back, and LOVE it. I was thinking of going with Picasa Web images, but the storage issues were kinda weird. Also, now that Flickr gives you unlimited everything with Pro, I went ahead and moved up to that too!

  2. I think it’s great, except that I was disgusted by how many beautiful pictures of you there were. Must you always be so pretty?

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