you are in charge now, admiral

I think I forgot to mention my little trip to Westover Church, and the photos I took there. Simple, beautiful, old. And even more so, Rt. 5, as always. Rt. 5 is like the friend that is always dependable and always there, in the same place, pretty and optimistic and solid.

It just occurred to me this weekend during a frenzy of Star Wars-watching that videoconferencing via the internet is a lot like when Darth Vader appears on the big screen in your Star Destroyer and gives you orders. Only (I hope) people can’t choke you via a teleconference. Pretty weird how “magical” those things seemed back in the day (videoconferencing, androids, Imperial probe droids transmitting garbled messages to the mother ship, etc.), but now they’re a reality.

I feel like I’m finally getting back on track with some of the items on the formidable to-do list that lives on my Google homepage. Right now, for instance, I’m knee-deep in planning Katie’s bachelorette weekend. Now that some ideas are beginning to take shape, I’m actually getting to the fun part: making the itinerary. If you’ve ever been on a road trip with me, you know all about my itineraries.

I just took Matt Morton (also known as DJ Mortron) out to lunch for his birthday. He noted that we’ve been out to lunch for his birthday before. I also took him to school in the mornings back in high school. I like hanging out with Matt for a lot of reasons, but especially because we can go out to lunch and not one complaining word is uttered…just funny stories and geeky ideas and laughter.

I cannot wait until the soundtrack to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers finishes downloading so I can have the best ride home ever, singing along to such classics as “Bless Your Beautiful Hide” and “Lonesome Polecat.”

Via some West End Lunch Crew emails today, I found out that everyone wants to travel more and explore and run away for the day and go to museums and do all this fun stuff. The problem is that I kind of want to spend less time galavanting around the countryside and more time getting the things on my to-do list done. Not because I “hafta” do them, but because good things will come out of getting them done. I need to focus on doing more of that stuff, and less on going out for every single person’s random event every night.

Anyway, links.

  • Speaking of Darth Vader: it’s the silent version. Get into it. The music is the best part, especially how it’s synchronized with all the running stormtroopers.
  • Richmond Magazine is apparently getting back into blogging. This could be interesting.
  • DC is finally smoke-free (via the ever-present folks at Brightest Young Things). This will make me a lot more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed those weekends when I’m in DC.
  • I found this neat blog via Oh Joy! It’s just a photo blog by two girls trying to keep in touch who live 3191 miles away from each other. It’s called 3191: A year of mornings. I think it’s a way more creative way of keeping in touch than txting….because it’s incredibly personal, but without all the “lolol, u r 2 cute.” I want to rip these people off.

Also, Emaleigh notified the universe today via Myspace that it’s Michael Stipe’s birthday. At a party the other night, someone tried to tell us that anything after Murmur (or was it Document?) was garbage. I’m sorry, but I have great pity for you if you’ve never danced around to “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” Great pity.


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