all is quiet

stolen from Michael's flickr

I don’t think I had gotten really, really good rest for weeks until yesterday.  The mix of holiday parties, wrapping, unwrapping, screaming over loud music, and caffeine finally caught up with me, I suppose.  Yesterday after walking around Carytown with Prabir, everything suddenly slowed down and I wanted to just fall over.  Prabir said that as I am feline in nature, I’ll need cat naps to survive.  I don’t nap very well because it’s hard for me to sleep in the middle of the day, but I dozed anyway for a few hours, resurrected myself with a little Amelie, and went to Kathryn’s birthday party.  That was therapeutic: girl time with Kathryn, laughing until my stomach was killing me, and draping an arm around Noel’s well-scented neck as we chilled on the couch.  Even though I kept having these weird waves of headaches and wooziness, I felt much better after drinking a ton of water.  I went home around midnight absolutely ready for bed, and today I’m as good as new.

Lots of other good things have happened this weekend that are too cool to post in a stupid wysiwyg box, but I don’t think it’s uncharacteristic of my life to say that they involve a healthy measure of walking in the crisp, black Richmond night.

Wish Kathryn a late happy birthday if you haven’t already.  I love that girl.

Oh yeah, and happy new year.


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