fleas navidog?

Last week at work I got an email that said “Fleas navidog,” and had a picture of dogs dressed up in holiday sweaters.  Seriously.

But the weekend actually turned out to be very cool.  Pre-Christmas hangouts are documented in pictures here, and Christmas weekend here.  That’s the best way to get an idea of what the past week has been like for me.

It involved

— Jordan and Gianna’s birthday dinner at Mekong

— Prabir’s “ho hoi vey” party, featuring Dinner Roll-flavored soda

—  More cute baby cousins

— Lots of Wii

— Family

It’s a Wonderful Life at the Byrd

And way too much amazing food to picture.

I’m lucky to be in a family where holidays are a lot of fun, and not the dreaded punishment that some people seem to associate with that time of the year.

It’s not over yet!  I still have no idea what I’m doing for New Year’s.  I’ve already changed my plans like four times.  Awesome.


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