dancing / in plastic shake-up snow

In the past few days I have had zero time to do things like

1. post pictures
2. play Wii

So I’m rather behind on that stuff.

However, I’ve gotten to do lots of fun stuff instead.  Monday night, I had a burrito with Freddy and watched fake snow fall at Stony Point.  Imagine this: it’s in the 70s temperature-wise, and we’re sitting on the patio of Chipotle eating burritos in short-sleeved shirts.  Then they turn on the fake snow jets, and we are suddenly in a winter wonderland.  Snow was getting on our burritos.  It was lovely, in that fake kind of way.  The guacamole was real, which is what matters.

Last night Maddie and I made cookies with Mom and Megan.  Chocolate chip, and white chocolate chip / oatmeal.  I was sent home with a giant container of cookies, which I promptly forgot to bring to work today.  Afterwards were Noel’s birthday festivities at New York Deli.  The look on his face when he walked in and we were all there with balloons and a Disney Princesses cake….priceless.  I think he really, really appreciated it.  And I had a blast while I was there.  Thank goodness for Get Up Kids singalongs.

In other news, I can’t wait to go to Super King tomorrow with Matt and others.

And if you’ve never seen the William Shatner version of “Rocket Man,” you need to get on it.  Like now.


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