mele kalikimaka

It is 74 degrees right now, on December 18, 2006.  Perhaps we’ll have a “bright, Hawaiian Christmas Day,” as they say in the song.

Another good weekend was just thrown onto the stack.  It involved an amazing show, a visit from Ryan, a cookie-baking extravaganza, and Bleak House, amongst other things.  I guess I didn’t get enough sleep last night, though, because today I’m way more sluggish than usual.

I don’t have pictures posted yet, but be patient!  They’re pretty good.  Currently my arms are killing me from beating Ryan to death in Wii Baseball.  I have not even grazed the iceberg of fun that will be had with that thing.  So far in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, I have managed to rescue some lady’s cat.  Awesome.

Maddie’s current Netflix endeavor is Bleak House, which is a series that Susan has been talking about forever but which only very recently came up in our queue.  So far (we’re 5 episodes in) it’s been a little unsatisfying in that it hasn’t tied even one of its loose ends together yet, but satisfying in that we’re still enjoying it a ton and wanting to watch more of it.  The characters range from the mysterious to the ridiculous, and the general attitude is very dark.  It is perhaps the darkest of all the BBC dramas we’ve watched thus far…although North and South might give it a run for its money.

Today we have more good links than usual…


4 thoughts on “mele kalikimaka

  1. That awkward guy is like a case study in Asperger’s Syndrome. Also known as “HFA’s” (High Functioning Autism) or “bad asses”

  2. Parasol Girl: thanks for the comment and link! It’s nice of you to say those things.

    David: Thanks for reading the blog! It is interesting that you would say I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I have a friend who has it, and I’m all the time having to explain to him why people might take the things he says the wrong way.

    I certainly have some symptoms, like peculiarities in speech and language (particularly when there are hot girls around), but I mean, only sometimes. If you met me at a party, you probably wouldn’t notice anything unusual. Unless you were a girl. And you were cute. And I wanted to hit on you. In which case, it’s anyone’s guess what you’d notice.

    I don’t tend to have trouble with nonverbal communication or empathy, though, or motor coordination. I’ll catch the crap out of a touchdown pass. I think it’s just a little bit of ADD mixed with the fact that girls make me woozy inside.

  3. Yeah I don’t think that being “woozy” around girls necessarily makes you Asperger’s…I think really it was the fact that you were organizing those instances in such a way in your head that you could remember and pick out new ones versus classic ones versus whatever. Pretty freaking amazing. I like the consistency with the titles, too. Cutting right to the chase is a good thing.

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