souls to save, cookies to eat, princesses to save

Revolution Church has been pretty inspirational for me ever since Jamie introduced me to their web site and podcasts.  Jay Bakker is a gutsy character whose sincerity is apparent in all that he does.  And while I don’t agree with every single thing he says, I think that in general Revolution is doing a better job than most churches at obeying the greatest commandment: to love others unconditionally.   At any rate, they’ve recently gotten kind of a big break with Jay’s documentary, One Punk Under God, airing on the Sundance Channel.  I think YuppiePunk does a great job of describing the series…and as queasy as the packaging and marketing of a church I love makes me, I think it’s worth checking out for anyone who even remotely enjoys contrast in everyday life.  You can get the first episode on iTunes already, if you don’t have the freaking Sundance Channel (like me).

In other news, yesterday Midnight Society got a shout-out on Platial News, which was nice.  A lot has been going on in that department lately, as I’ve been working on the site a lot, adding a lot of places to our Virginia Lore map, and starting to plan the Atlanta trip.  After Christmas I’m sure I’ll be able to squeeze more time out of my schedule for working on MS stuff…the stuff I love doing.

Links and links:

Last night Maddie and I brought salads and our various projects over to Mandy’s for some quality So I Married an Axe Murderer time.  We were also treated to homemade holiday cookies, eggnog, and Amazing Stories.  If you’ve never heard of Amazing Stories, get into it.  Spielberg, the 80s, various actors like Patrick Swayze and Mary Stuart Masterson, Twilight Zone-esque plots.  Oh, and Christopher Lloyd.  Forgot to mention that.

As a last note: I started playing Zelda: Twilight Princess last night.  It’s incredible.


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