the holiday party weekend of doom

So this weekend went from classy to trashy and back again.  Luckily, every single minute of it was entertaining.  Here’s the synopsis.

Friday night

  • The Riot Before / Worn in Red / Pink Razors at Empire.  Not too smoky for once in that bar’s life.  Pretty much everyone I felt like seeing was there…and all looking extra crisp and lovely because of the 18-degree weather and their rosy cheeks.  It was a pleasant kind of crowded, which doesn’t happen very often.


  • Work holiday party at Fort Pocahontas.   This involved the following:
    — a long drive down rt. 5 (my favorite rt.)
    — Payne Tyler’s delicious accent as she described where she purchased every piece of furniture in the place, and for how much (I could listen to her talk all day)
    — amazing food like brie and almonds, miniature cheesecakes, quiches, and brunswick stew
    — plenty of wine
    — a solitary walk to the old graveyard
    — a brisk golf cart ride back with a venerable old guy, a miniature Tyler, and dogs chasing behind
  • Hangouts with the parents.  This involved:
    — Mom’s new Christmas wreath, done in the Williamsburg style.  Fancy.
    — shrimp scampi
    — the Food Network
    — Dad wanting to know all about the Wii
  • Tina’s work party for Boar’s Head at the Ramada Inn in Petersburg.  This involved:
    — Petersburg.  Seriously…
    — 80s Christmas music videos projected onto a screen
    — sequins
    — rubbery, cold crab cake-like things, and giant pieces of fried chicken
    — lots of empty tables
    — self-tanner
    — loud cell phone rings
    — fake afros
    — fake nails
  • Ipanema.  This involved:
    — Dan
    — Corey, Liana, and Tesni
    — some girl’s bachelorette party


  • Lunch with Corey.  This involved:
    — Mom’s Siam
    — thai iced tea
    — noodles and tofu
    — the new knowledge that Corey is into paint-by-numbers
  • Halcyon and Target with Corey and Maddie.  This involved:
    — sequins
    — gloves with tiny fingers
    — ugly cd cases @ Target
  • The couch with Maddie.  This involved:
    Mickey’s Christmas Carol
    grapefruit foot soak
    — crocheting
  • Jamie’s work party for Flagstop Car Wash @ the basement of King’s Korner, the catering place at the Chesterfield Airport (I am not kidding).  This involved:
    — Crown Royal
    — about 100 drunk teenagers
    — sweet tarts: Jamie’s girly shooter of choice.
    — sordid karaoke to the likes of Godsmack and Shania Twain
    — really, really, really bad haircuts
    — group 17-year-old drunken karaoke to “Pour Some Sugar on Me”
    — barbecue and rice pudding
    — dudes taking shots of Ice 101
    — I left before the puking in the parking lot, but Jamie said it was fun

Sometimes it’s fun to be an outsider at bizarre events.  To just be an observer, a fly on the wall.  I learn a lot that way.  I think I learn a lot any time I’m out of my normal stomping grounds.  It always makes me extra thankful for the life and friends that I have, though.

Aside from all of that running around, I did spend some time with my new Wii.  Yes, I finally got one.  Special thanks to Nate, Jonathan & co. for delivering it to my house.

It’s amazing.   It’s true to its word on all of its claims.  Yesterday morning Maddie and Bruce came in while I was playing it, and they immediately picked it up and starting playing.  No problem whatsoever.  There was laughing and jostling and just an all-around good time.  A workout, and interaction with your friends?  New things to the world of gaming.

As my impressions start to trickle in, I’ll rave about them here of course.


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