crushing defeat

Well, my search for a Wii has been unsuccessful to say the least.  I’ve called pretty much every place in town that I’m willing to drive through, and I’ve got nothing.  Everywhere from video game stores to crappy department stores.  I’m at the end of my rope.  I figure I’ll keep calling, but my hopes of getting one in the next few days have diminished.   Until then, I’ll just have to keep reading my smug friends’ blog posts about how great the Wii is and how much fun they’re having with it.  Thanks a lot guys.

Otherwise, I’ve gotten a lot done this week in terms of

  • going to bed early
  • catching up with quality friends like Scott and Eric
  • organizing my parents’ photos for Christmas

Last night I revisited The Muppet Christmas Carol, one of my favorite holiday movies.  I’ve also seen it a hundred times, so I don’t have to actually look at the screen much…which makes it perfect for photo-organizing or crocheting or whatever I’m doing.

It’s 23 degrees outside.  I’m not even going to begin to detail just how cold it is in my office, let alone my poorly-heated house.

This weekend should be a blast, what with all the holiday merriment going on.  I’m going to three different office parties.  Let the free drinks and the hors d’œuvres begin.

Here’s what’s cooking on the online radar screen lately:

  • Another great blog post from Hillbilly Savants about David Metraux‘ photography.  Pictured on the blog is a photo from the Cass Scenic Railroad…a place that Maddie and I didn’t have time to stop at on our recent trip.  Cass, WV is one of my fondest family vacation memories…I think I was 16 when we went there.  Metraux also has some great pictures of other places, including Macchu Picchu, another place on the Dixon – Hoch to-visit list.
  • The Christmas decorations in this NY Times lights tour kick our house’s tail a hundred times worse than those guys across the street do.
  • The excellent Decor8 has been dishing out the online shopping discounts for the holidays.  Check out these two latest sites, notNeutral and Twinkle Living, for stuff that’s nice to look at but that you probably can’t afford.
  • Morgan of Thrift Store Couture, Panda Head, and Muss fame, gives us a little shout-out over at Thrift Store Couture. I have to agree with her about the Fred Flare rings.  In addition, the Mr. T. in Your Pocket that they also carry has afforded me the opportunity to fill many silences with appropriate comments from the man himself.

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