After work I’m going with my mom to get what will probably be one of the best Christmas gifts of my life: the Wii.  All the reports I’ve heard, even with their small negative comments, have been to the effect that it’s the coolest thing people have ever owned.  I am excited.

In other news, this is coming up.  It’s free!  And I think it’ll be good.

Also, this post on Haduken struck me as awfully true.


4 thoughts on “wiiriffic

  1. I thought you didnt want a white one 🙂
    Your going to love it. I hope you can get one…they are still hard to find, but you really dont have to ‘wait’ in lines for them anymore.

  2. Oh I’ll definitely post all my impressions of it…once I get it.

    I would rather have a different color, but I’m getting this from my parents for Christmas, so beggars can’t be choosers. Especially when there isn’t a choice yet.

    Yeah I’m just going to call around before my lunch break every day and hope that someplace has one in stock randomly.

  3. Well, once you get yours, we will def. swap friend codes. Best of luck! Ive heard that you may have better luck at places like Target and Circuit City than GameStop.

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