my favorite redhead

Except for this one.  I know it’s such an internet-y thing to say, but I’m really into Tori Amos right now.  I always am, but right now I guess I’m particularly revisiting her.  I like all her stuff that I’ve heard, but I keep coming back to Little Earthquakes…particularly “Tear In Your Hand.”  I love that she can be whimsical and melodramatic and angry and millions of other things all in one album.

Today it was sunny and cloudy outside at the same time.  I’m kind of obsessed with this state of nature.  It’s perfect for me.  It’s cloudy, so the sky is beautiful and interesting, and not too bright.  But there’s enough sunlight filtering through gaps in the clouds so that it still seems cheerful.  Right now it’s turning a dark purple, with pink tufts filling the gaps near the horizon.  Some days I want to move my desk outside.

Last night I went to the clothing swap at Hyperlink, watched Landmines play, got rid of some old clothes, and had a drink with Casey, my old fashion department schoolmate.  She’s talking about opening up a store on Broad, which is exciting and definitely what Broad needs.  It’s already improving a ton, but it lacks some decent clothing stores.

Afterwards Prabir and I went to Penny Lane and shared a bottle of wine, and just got caught up and such.  He told me all kinds of news and stories and secrets.  I didn’t really have any to give back, but he was entertaining enough for the both of us anyway.  I wanted carbohydrates really badly when I got home, but I don’t have any, so I had nothing and liked it.

Today the West End Lunch Crew lunched at Mexico, so I drowned my sorrows in the usual grilled shrimp taco salad, along with smiles from my girls and inappropriate comments from Noel.  Tonight I’m taking my cousin to see My Chemical Romance.  Can’t wait to be the oldest person there.  Well, besides my cousin.  And one of my coworkers.  It’s okay, my favorite boys are the ones who are younger than me and have better haircuts than I do.  Let the embarrassment begin.


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