the fairest of the seasons

So this weekend was busy, productive, and chill. All of those things.

  • Wednesday night: Claire had just gotten into town, so we had dinner and then hung around the house. Kim and her boyfriend dropped by, and we all had some wine and caught up. Maddie and Claire cooked while all of this was going on.
  • Thursday: Got up and went to the southside, where I helped Mom cook and hung out with my sister ’til the meal was ready. I live for my mom’s deviled eggs, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, shrimp salad, cranberry salad, sweet potato casserole, etc….so it worked out, as all Thanksgivings do. Spent the rest of the day hanging out with the family. Beth came over, which was nice, and my parents fell asleep watching Spiderman 2. I went home, hung out with Maddie’s family, and then went out for drinks with Bruce and Duncan.

  • Friday: Went to Charlottesville with Maddie’s family…specifically, to Monticello and the Kluge Estate. Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, beautiful viognier. C-vizzle is quickly becoming one of my favorite day trip destinations. Back at the ranch, we watched Home Alone before going out to dinner at Bacchus. I had one of the best meals of my life: seared tuna rolled in sesame seeds with a wasabi / soy sauce. Incredible.
  • Saturday: Breakfasted with Catherine, Nicole, Scott, and Brad at Perly’s, where the salmon cake and eggs made me glad. Afterwards went antiquing with Brad, looking for a salt cellar. Didn’t find one, but found tons of poison bottles to add to my collection, along with an old Lucky Strike tin. Came home and went on a walk with Claire, and then Bruce and I took her to the airport. Chelsea came over to talk to Maddie and I for a bit, and afterwards I walked down the street to watch The Da Vinci Code with Nicole. From the half-hour or so that I saw, it was pretty good. Indiana Jones, but less believable, and without all the hotness. What’s the point? Exactly. But Maddox was super excited to see me, so that was good. Then it was back home to watch My Brilliant Career with Maddie…yet another movie where the lead female character just doesn’t want to get married off, and who wants to be totally unconventional. Quelle surprise. At least this one had a young Sam Neill in it. Intense. After that, Scott brought over a bottle of wine and a plastic bag full of venison that someone had given him at Fine Foods (seriously), and there was much rejoicing. We then headed to Elephant Thai with Bruce and Duncan, and after some spring rolls and sake, to Ipanema. Where everyone and his / her brother was convened. I had an excellent time and successfully attempted to ride Brad’s track bike on the way home. It’s pretty overrated.

  • Sunday: Breakfasted with Kathryn and Maddie at the Border, where I finally had my favorite and much-loved huevos rancheros. Kathryn and I then retired to the living room for pretty much the rest of the day, setting up the Christmas tree, pulling out all the decorations, and watching Edward Scissorhands. We then decorated the front of the house as garishly as possible with many strings of small lights, and ended up in the kitchen playing Jenga. Finally the venison was ready, and we had it in a wine / whiskey sauce. Rather tough, but delicious anyway. This was followed by Maddie and I finally getting the ornaments onto the tree and posing for our yearly Christmas portrait. Afterwards I stopped by Mandy’s for a bit to meet Ian’s parents (amazingly good-looking people, btw), and then uploaded pictures and went to bed.

I guess it sounds busier than it seemed. I had an awesome weekend in general. Now I’m glad to have all the decorations finished, for that’s one thing crossed off my list. I still have cards to send out, gifts to make / wrap, cookies to make, etc.

Who’s up for another cookie-baking party? Kathryn? Prabir? Who else?


2 thoughts on “the fairest of the seasons

  1. oh oh, i wanna make cookies.
    side note: i think i’m driving to delaware next weekend just for a cookie-making party.

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