the night of a thousand camera flashes


Had an awesome time Saturday night in D.C:

Head on over to Brightest Young Things, Panda Head, and Kingpin Photo to get the rest of the story, in pictures. It was a crowded, overwhelming whirlwind…in a good way. I was incredibly proud of Katie’s stuff, and she sold quite a few things. Other stuff I liked a lot came from Muss and De-Nada Design. Besides STYLEistics, Nicole and I also had noodle bowls in Chinatown with Ryan, and headed over to Tryst for Cuban coffees. It was a productive day, as Nicole put it. I even took a few crappy pictures, which are here.

Yesterday Maddie and I picked up some frames, and spent the afternoon watching movies. I framed stuff and hung stuff up, and she ironed piles of table linen, and then I wrapped Christmas gifts. After that I was tired enough to go to bed without further ado.

In the middle of the night I was dreaming, and in my dream I felt something crawling on my face, so I grabbed it and flung it off. Then realizing that had actually happened in real life, I woke up and turned the light on. It was 2:35 AM, and there was one of those huge, disgusting spider crickets (also known as the “camelback cricket”) chilling all rumpled in the middle of my bedroom floor. Sorry little guy, but you were gross, and you had no business standing around on my face. I left him there for further observation later, but I guess the cat ate him, because he was missing when I got up.

Ugh, creepy-crawlies. I agree with this guy concerning spider crickets. Especially with the part where he says he wishes Wesley Willis had written a song about them.

In other news…

I only have to work three days this week. This is a good thing.


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