pixies removed

I probably don’t even need to say “I’ve been so busy.”  It’s like “yeah, and so has everyone else.”  Still.  I’ve been so busy.

I got paid and went straight to Target, buying all the wrapping supplies I need for Christmas.  This weekend I plan to wrap all the gifts that are ready, take stock of what I still need, and figure out a set game plan as to what I’m getting / making for each person on the list.  And maybe…maybe at this rate, I’ll be done in time to enjoy a stress-free end of December.

Last night was Lucero.  I went with Scott, Kathryn, and Magen.  We bought what drinks we could (Ugh, they don’t have liquor at Alley Katz.  Yeah, still.) and enjoyed the show from behind a guy that was over seven feet tall, according to Scott’s indirect inquiries.  People always say that the tall guy always comes and stands in front of them, but I am serious about that.  It’s true.  A long time ago I learned that it really doesn’t matter if you can see the band or not, so now I don’t sweat it either way.

Right now I’m off to lunch with the West End Lunch Crew.  May our reign be long and healthy.



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