the “what?” stance

This is Prabir’s new haircut.  You may say “what haircut?  it looks pretty long to me.”  But this is very, very short for Prabir.  It’s a big step.

Here’s the anthology of Prabir’s communications with me today:

  • Wants to know if I want to take part in BWOAT (this means Best Weekend Of All Time, and generally involves Prabir making a scene somewhere, and everyone shows up to watch and take pictures)
  • Tells me of yet another conversation with a lady, bungled admirably, and broken down into numbered points as to why he thought X, and why he said Y
  • Says we have to dress for success tonight
  • Wants to know if I can please get together with a certain taken gentleman in town so that this guy’s girlfriend will come running to him for comfort
  • Can’t figure out which boots to wear tonight
  • Wants to take pictures of his new haircut and send them to me for approval

Approval obtained.  Prabir is by turns hilarious, sympathetic, creative, and selfish.  I must say that although I don’t approve of pretty much anything he does, and I sometimes find myself wanting to have the earth swallow me up rather than be embarrassed by him in a public place one more time, he has been a really great friend to me.

On to what I really came here for.

Today I can’t figure out whether my life is like a Bonnie Raitt song or a No Doubt song.  I think a little of both.  Which still does not leave me with very impressive prospects.  One would like to think that they’d be all grown up by the ripe age of 25, but this is not the case.  Don’t be fooled!  Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, you’re thrown a curveball that leaves you perplexed and feeling like you’re four.  It’s difficult to discern whether you’ve finally become mature enough to recognize when something isn’t going to work and politely decline…or if you’re “throwing away happiness with both hands,” as Rhett says.  I suppose I can’t very well throw away happiness when I was happy to begin with, but still.  The Rhett does not lie.

A friend of mine always offers the most sage-like advice.  Even when I don’t seek it.  But today, for once, the advice was sought-after and appreciated.

okay. when i was 16 i had all this money from working at a grocery store. so i went to go buy a guitar. and some of the ones i tried out were really nice, and i was like “holy crap!” but when i picked up the one that i own to this day, i was like “okay. this is my guitar.” it’s kind of like that

At least it makes sense to me.  I can handle everybody else’s conundrums with flawless eloquence and tact, and yet I mumble and freak out through my own conundrums.  That is the part that doesn’t make sense.

Tonight I’m going to see a play with Kathryn, and I’m excited about it.  I’ll probably put my arm around her in the theater.  Probably.

Next weekend I’m going to DC for Ross and Katie hangouts.  I can’t wait; I think it’ll be good for me to get out of town for a second.  It always is.  They always show me a great time.

I haven’t been able to wallow in self-despair for a while, so I will enjoy this nostalgic bout for the moment.  I leave instructions to please pull me from the grass, as Mr. Oberst might say, in a week or two.


2 thoughts on “the “what?” stance

  1. Wow, I used the word “like” at least three times. That’s how you know it’s from the heart – totally unscripted.

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