bright light

a sally mann photo

There is too much going on right now with Christmas, voting, trying to get my grant finished by the 15th, etc. I’m setting aside tonight and tomorrow night to mostly work on my grant, so then I can focus on making those Christmas gifts. This week’s been good so far and involved

  • the Team 8 calendar opening at Velocity, featuring the League of Space Pirates
  • the Shawn Creeden opening at Nonesuch, featuring Tesni’s cute shoes
  • Sally Mann‘s incredible new photographs at Reynolds Gallery, featuring Maddie’s cranky work attitude
  • the Virginia Historical Society‘s annual museum store fair (hello, Richmond paraphernalia)
  • smelling the entire perfume selection at Sephora, and not doing a very good job at narrowing it down
  • Prabir and the Substitutes and David Shultz rocking a lame bar into something fun
  • a Georgie trunk show at the Reynolds’ house, full of beautiful things that I shan’t be able to afford anytime this century
  • once again, Maddie’s delicious pork tenderloin, this time with leek risotto
  • Bret Payne’s opening at Ipanema
  • falling asleep during Babel, and sneaking into The Prestige instead, which at least had Christian Bale in it.

Everything is so cold and dramatic in the wintertime. I never talk about music, but of course that means I’m about to talk about music. I’m really into the Appleseed Cast’s Peregrine right now. That is all.

And now for random links, dredged up as always from the “starred” section of my Google Reader account.

In other news, some of you might remember an amazing craft fair I went to in Raleigh a few month ago. They’re having another one, so I advise anybody who’s into handmade stuff to get down there on Saturday.

For fans of Bruce Wilhelm, you’ll be happy to hear that he’s been ramping up exponentially with his art. He’s cranking out tons of stuff at the studio, talking to various “gallerists,” and having a few studio visits by interested parties. Soon he’ll be supporting all of us, our cats, our wardrobes, and our drug habits (note to self: get drug habit) on his ill-gotten gains.

Until then, you can still support him by voting for him on As an aside, this web site is incredibly well-designed, and a lot of fun to click around on (as web sites should be, and often are not — mine included).

And Katie and Ross also have a lot going on in the creative spectrum. Their clothing line, Loose Lips, will be at STYLEistics, a little fair featuring local DC designers. I’m super excited to see what Katie has been sewing on lately, as nothing she’s ever made has disappointed me yet.

If you’re anywhere in the DC area on the 18th, definitely go check their stuff out.

Upcoming stuff for this week:

  • tonight: the final Lost episode before they go away for many, many weeks
  • Friday night: Lee’s Miserables, Clay McLeod Chapman‘s recent opus, at Sycamore Rouge
  • Saturday night: Alyssa and Roy’s wedding at the beautiful Scott House

And that concludes our update for today. I’ll try not to let so much time pass before the next one….


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