fest-ing is a full time job

So the weekend was full of much festivity.  I always love Halloween weekend.  You know, the smell of nutmeg, the sight of candles.  The touch of leaves turning into sludge on the sidewalk.

  • Friday night Scott and I went to Chip and Blair’s party.  New house, with the best-looking vintage appliances ever.  Unfortunately I was so tired I was a shell of my regular self, and we went back to the ranch pretty early.  The excitement was not over, however, because a Lost Boys screening was in order, as well as a visit from Kathryn.  “One thing I never could stomach about living in Santa Carla.  All the damn vampires.”  I love it.  That is one movie that accurately captures the knack of grandparents to just walk into a room and say something random (I’m talkin’ to you, Katie’s grandpa Barker).
  • Saturday I met up with the parents and the younger brother at the Celtic Festival.  As promised, I was treated to food, fun, and large men throwing stuff.  It was probably the windiest day I’ve ever spent, though.  Anything in your hands would blow out of them, anything that vendors had set up was blowing across the fairgrounds, little kids were falling over, kilts were blowing up to reveal matching bloomers, etc.  I also saw lots of traditional dancing and many violin solos.

  • Saturday evening I headed into the deep dark wilderness of suburbia for Katie’s Dad’s birthday dinner.  I was treated to an incredible meal of about 15 different dishes, and walked away very satisfied, and very happy to have seen that family.
  • Back at the ranch, Drew and his friend Tony came over and we got ready for the Disney Halloween party that Justin was throwing.  We walked over there and saw some of the best Halloween costumes ever.  There were lots of good ones, but standouts included Justin’s Cruella de Vil and the rest of his Disney villains posse, as well as Dan and his dog as Moses and Pharaoh.   We danced it up until I was exhausted enough to pass out in the cold, cold house.
  • Sunday morning I made breakfast for Drew and I, and we watched Spiderman.  Then I met up with Katie at Stony Point, where we had a nice lunch and talked a lot.  Afterwards I sought Kathryn in Carytown, knocked around there for a while, presented myself on Mandy’s doorstep for hot apple cider and more chatting, and went back to get Kathryn.  We went to the grocery store and picked up stuff to make fried tofu, rosemary breadsticks, and pumpkin custard.  We then spent the rest of the evening making those things, in probably a manner less efficient than Martha would have done.  But we learned some things, and in the end the meal was well worth it.  Scott joined us in time to stir the tofu around a little bit, and after dinner we watched Sleepy Hollow.

I had a busy but pleasant weekend, although I wish I had gotten to work on my projects more.  People always say things like “yeah but it was Halloween weekend.”  True, but it’s always SOME weekend with some big production going on.  And besides, I’ve had a lot of practice with Halloween.  It should be a breeze for me by now.

Tomorrow’s costume contest at work will be entertaining, no doubt, and handing out candy with Maddie later on will be the best event yet.  Anybody who wants to see me dressed up as Princess Leia should plan accordingly.


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