of princesses and pumpkins

A blurry, hectic, bright weekend.

. versailles on the big screen . champagne cravings . punch glasses . a party with pretzels and coolio . “you don’t know %@&! about the RAZR” . crab omelette breakfast . new boots . the boo barn . rotten pumpkins in a suburban field . apple pie pizza . mandy’s cider with bourbon . peanuts coloring books . ghostbusters again . cookie shapes . scary stories to tell in the dark . cinnamon-y fruit salad . softball playoffs in the rain . hitting the ball fair . the best-dressed wedding of my life . angie’s smile . kathryn’s pumpkin . maddie’s dress . key souvenirs . photogenic friends . roses captured by bruce . a salad full of cheese .

And then you wake up, and it’s time for another week to start, and you’ve done very little resting.

  1. General pumpkin weekend photos.
  2. Angie and Jason’s wedding photos.

Still, there are fresh links for you on this sluggish Monday morning:

The weather is beautiful, the air is crisp, and I can’t wait for Halloween.


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