drummer jokes and zucchini fritters

I keep forgetting to include all the links I’ve been accumulating.  I know that’s everybody’s favorite part.

  • We have a new Civil War History Center here in Richmond.  Who’s up for some 1860s immersion?  Don’t everybody jump at once.  Seriously though, we have to go.
  • A very clever take on “Sexyback,” entitled “Paxilback.”
  • I can appreciate Easy Cheese, but there are those who shun it.
  • In the 20s, this post would have been illegal.
  • “Physical space matters.”  This is something that is overlooked all too often.
  • It’s a low blow, but everyone laughs at drummer jokes.
  • Haints!
  • A nymag.com slideshow that’s worth looking at.  Celebrities in their homes.
  • I almost always agree with this blog.
  • These fritters keep popping up in my life.
  • Bruce keeps cranking out the art, faster than you can say “I accidentally got off the train in Newark.”
  • This is going to make Noel wish he still had an iPod.
  • I didn’t think spinach would be such a big deal to me.  It is.
  • So many things to make.
  • Someone hit the nail on the head with the grafitti issue.
  • I’m saving a spot for it, too.

courtesy of Bruce Wilhelm


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