keeping louisville weird

We like the mountains. It’s official.

A lot of fun was had as we headed west this weekend. The beautiful weather and the just-beginning-to-change leaves were some driving highlights. Hopefully I won’t leave anything out that we did, but who knows? Road trips tend to be a blur in your head as you sink back into the office doldrums.  Pictures are here, anyway.
Friday night

  • Left Richmond after work
  • Stopped at the Whistle Stop Cafe near Staunton, VA and had fried green tomatoes.
  • Felt sick and cold, and almost fell asleep many times while driving
  • Stayed the night at Amber Myers’ crib in Sissonville, WV


  • Breakfasted for the first time ever at Tudor’s Biscuit World. This was a life-changing event. Some of the largest and most delicious biscuits this girl has ever had…and I’ve had a lot of biscuits. This particular Tudor’s was across from Sissonville High School, which must be convenient.
  • Drove the rest of the way to Louisville and checked into the Executive West. Holy amalgamation of way too many decorating styles, Batman.
  • Checked out Lebowski Fest, which was just starting to crank up across the street outside of the Executive Strike & Spare. It was rainy, we were cold and in costume, and we didn’t feel like drinking Miller Lite.
  • We had dinner at the Tea Room (Maddie was appalled at and obsessed with this room), and then it was back to the room for some cable TV. The Cutting Edge was on, so we lingered for quite a while.
  • Back across the street to catch Heavy Trash‘s set. Color us impressed. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Jon Spencer (of the Blues Explosion, yes) got a cranky, damp crowd back into a good mood, which is pretty amazing. His onstage antics ranged from screaming to cooing to falling over in prostrate rock-n-roll turmoil. Predictably, I ate it up with a spoon.
  • Everyone crowded into the bowling alley for some bowling. By the time we got in, there were no lanes left, but there were giant vats of white russians to drink. We had one and then swore them off, retiring instead to the hotel room, where we drank wine and watched 10 Things I Hate About You. Then it was down to the hotel bar for the “after party,” which was really just some bad DJs and dudes watching football on TV. At this point in the night, there was really no way for us not to enjoy ourselves. We were persuaded by some random girls to do some dancing, but that fizzled out as we simply couldn’t stomach any more techno.  I didn’t get many pictures of all that stuff, but the Lebowski Fest site links to Hillary Harrison‘s site, which has some great ones.

image belongs to hillary harrison

  • Breakfast, after a long wait, was at Lynn’s Paradise Cafe. The food was excellent, and they had plastic animals for you to play with while you wait for your food to come out. Classy.
  • We drove around the city for a while, just taking it all in. We Louisville. It’s pretty, relatively clean, and the people are friendly.
  • Stopped at the Old Louisville Coffeehouse and got stared at by the all-male clientele.
  • Headed to the Bardstown area to do some shopping. I got my new favorite dress at General Eccentric. At Why Louisville we got some souvenirs and met a girl that knew Amber Myers. It’s a tiny, baby little world. At Dot Fox (a boutique that pretty much murders anything in Richmond), we talked to yet another friendly shopgirl. She gave us directions to the next stop.
  • It’s a museum. It’s a hotel. It’s a museum hotel. Finally! At 21c, we took a look at the exhibits that were up. Standouts included a contraption that simulated erosion with just a fan and some sand (it was just a beautiful science experiment), and a screen that projected your image, along with some raining text falling onto you.
  • Next we tackled Locust Grove. Maybe living in Virginia has made me a plantation snob, but this place was nothing compared to the places down Rt. 5. So some general lived there at the end of his life…so what? There were no ghost stories, no grand fancy house, and hardly a garden to speak of. Still, it was a nice day, and the grounds were good for walking. And the river-skirting drive to get there was nice as well.
  • We wanted to visit the Maker’s Mark distillery, but it turned out that that distillery and any other distilleries were closed. Bummer.
  • Instead, Maddie had her first barbecue sandwich at Mark’s Feed Store. Delicious. And they even had fiberglass pigs outside!
  • Time for a rest at the hotel.
  • Many strange crises prevented us from actually getting a drink that night. Some examples include the highways being closed, bars being closed, and us getting sick of driving around. Eventually we headed back to the hotel, only to find that the hotel bar was closed. So we just went to sleep. Louisville is, indeed, weird.


  • Breakfast at the Tea Room! Maddie marveled at the fact that at a breakfast buffet, you can eat as much bacon as you want. I ate some runny grits.
  • Goodbye, Executive West Hotel!
  • We took a scenic detour in West Virginia down Rt. 60, got carsick from all the curves, took photos at scenic overlooks, stopped at the Mystery Hole (yes, it’s amazing, but not for the reasons that you’d think), and got in touch with my family’s roots in Rainelle.
  • Finally rolled into Richmond and thankfully quenched our homesick spirits at Ipanema.

So that’s all I have time for today, but I do have a lot more to blog about. I had a great time in Louisville, and would like to go back sometime, but man, that is a long drive.


2 thoughts on “keeping louisville weird

  1. Wow. I’ve lived in Appalachia or its hinterland for 99% of my life and I am jealous of that trip. Also, other than West Virginians, I think this is the first time I’ve heard someone mention Rainelle. So great.

  2. Yeah, the trip was incredible. Hey, Rainelle is a buzzing metropolis compared to some of the other towns on that road. Thanks for reading! I really enjoy Hillbilly Savants a lot, too.

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