left, together, right, together.

There are currently three wedding invitations on the shelf above my desk at home.  They are all taking place within the next month and a half.  I am a professional wedding-attender.  Gift registries adore me, bartenders fear me.  I’ve got people taking life-long relationship vows all over the freaking place.
Anyway, this weekend was the weekend of productivity.  Maybe it was because I tried not to schedule anything so that I could have time to do stuff around the house, or maybe it was just the fact that I was actually in town.  Either way, a lot got done.

Friday night, Angie and I watched Father of the Bride and I rolled her hair in practice for her wedding hair.  Neither of us had seen that movie in a while, so we cracked up as I sponge-rolled her raven tresses.  “Welcome to the nineties, Mr. Bahhhnks.”

On Saturday I met with this girl who works for a wine company, and she got me all geared up to help out with any wine tastings that they’ll be doing in this area.  She was really cool and a I had a good time talking to her; it didn’t feel like a “work meeting” in the traditional sense.  Even though they probably won’t need me to help out very often, I’m hoping to just learn more about wines and wine tasting from the experience.

After the lunch meeting I bunkered down upstairs and sewed for about eight hours.  I watched about thirteen episodes of Pete and Pete in the meantime, because I had bought the Season One DVD for my brother’s birthday.  So Artie (the Strongest Man in the World) accompanied me through hours of tediously sewing that ridiculous t-shirt quilt.  I finally finished it and was able to put away the mountain of fabric and sewing paraphernalia that had grown in the corner.

On Sunday, Maddie and I trekked to Lowe’s for some red paint, and then came home and began destroying the living room with said red paint.  After only 45 minutes or so, my parents showed up with the new shelf I got for my birthday, but I had to go to brunch so I couldn’t set it up or finish painting or hang out while my parents put it together or anything.  I headed to Can Can with Magen, Kathy, and Jenny, where I enjoyed yet another breakfast involved eggs benedict and crabmeat.  Except this time, there was asparagus as well.  The weather was perfect, it was good to see those girls, and what was probably my last birthday outing for this year turned out rather well.

Back at the ranch, Maddie and threw ourselves into the painting job with as much energy as possible.  Every time you added a coat, the red looked better.  We had to knock off in order to go to my parents’ for Drew’s birthday hangout, but we were rewarded with steak, oysters, baked potatoes, and banana pudding.  God bless my mom, seriously.  My brother was looking well, and seemed elated to receive the aforementioned Pete and Pete DVD.  My aunt and uncle talked about going on a hot air balloon ride, which was apparently a blast.  My dad did that on my parents’ last vacation, so it appears to be a family trend.  Maddie and I are cooking up a scheme to join the balloon club after Christmas sometime, if our wallets will not scream at us too much.  It’s just too Wizard of Oz to resist.

At home again, we spent the rest of Sunday night watching The Big Lebowski (in preparation for our trip this weekend) and finishing the living room.  By 11pm we had a beautiful room on our hands, so we cleaned up and walked over to Nicole and Catherine’s for Liana’s birthday party.  We stayed for a little bit, got kisses on the cheek and Tecates, and then sloshed our way home in the rain.

Yesterday I came home from work, rigged a lovely pendant lamp up in the living room, talked to Clock about globalization and the ever-shrinking world, and then set to work rearranging my room upstairs to accomodate the new shelf.  All is looking nice, and I’m exhausted but ready for more insanity this week.

Who wants to go on some haunted hayrides soon?  Holler at me.


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