from grace st. to the rock and roll hotel

What an amazing birthday weekend.  Quite possibly the best ever.

A brief synopsis:

  • Friday night = Amber’s birthday party and Ipanema
  • Saturday = Lunch at the Border with Megan and Caitlin, sewing, driving to DC with Nicole, sushi in DC, and the Rock and Roll Hotel
  • Sunday = Crab benedict brunch at the Reef, driving home, taking Maddie to the hospital for a severe migraine, going to my parents’ house for shrimp, salmon cakes, blackberry cobbler, and cherry cheesecake, going back to the hospital with Angie
  • Monday = Work, then urban family dinner of moussaka and apple pie a la Maddie

Thanks to everyone who:

  • Also had a birthday
  • Gave me a hug
  • Bought me a candy bar
  • Complimented my hair
  • Traveled with me
  • Told me a secret
  • Laughed at my jokes
  • Came bearing gifts
  • Bought me drinks
  • Told me they loved me
  • Hailed cabs for me
  • Spied on a Ramone
  • Called or txted me a “happy birthday”
  • Passed me a shot of Grand Marnier
  • Got a shot at the hospital
  • Let me sleep on their couch
  • Cooked a meal for me
  • Arranged flowers for me
  • Watched Ghostbusters with me

I love you all.  My life is wonderful.


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