but does it come with these cute people?

Ohhhhhh, Nintendo Wii. How I have waited for your release date. How I continue to wait. How beautiful you appear to me.

Jon Lumpkin blogged about Wii the other day, which prompted me to get even more excited about it than I was in the first place. He points out what’s important to him; why he’s buying the Wii. And I think that’s what’s great about this system, is that it will address different needs and a different market from previous gaming systems. Engadget covers the breaking Wii news here. Clicking on that link, btw, will make you salivate more the further down you read. Which is strange, since I have not been known to eat a Nintendo gaming system before.

I knew the Wii was going to be revolutionary. I knew it was going to be exciting, if for nothing else, the controller. But there are a lot of other features that I’m only just beginning to wrap my mind around, like the fact that it’ll have different “channels,” like cable TV. And you can check out news, weather, etc from your Wii. And you can freaking shop via your Wii. Different games will be stored as different channels.

To quote from Nintendo’s recent press release:

“Wii reinvents games for the devoted player,” says Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. “But more importantly, Wii breaks the wall separating players from non-players by delivering the best game experiences for the most affordable price. We believe the next leap is games for the masses – young and old, gamer or non, alone, with a friend or with the whole family.”


Let’s hope they deliver on all these promises. For once, I have to say my hopes are up. I don’t think I can wait ’til Christmas for this one.

In other news, today is gorgeous. 76 degrees is the perfect temperature. I would probably jump out of my office window if it would actually open.

The only link I have for today is this etsy shop, familiarly-named “Trixie Delicious.” Hmm, a ripoff? Anyway, the plates are gorgeous, and I’d love to have some of the more civilized-sounding ones.

They just had cake for my birthday at work. Man…going through the awkward Office Space-esque birthday cake scene is totally worth it for some delicious cake that was prepared at Sam’s Club just for you. Work is better when there is cake.

Tomorrow, I’m having sushi with my lovely sister and her lovely friend Caitlin, and then having sushi again in DC (with a side of K.Jo and J.Ro hugs). Sounds like a good start to a birthday weekend…


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