jacket weather

Tell me, what is this world coming to when you’re too busy to even take a breath long enough to blog for a minute?  Ruination and despair, that’s what.

The weekend was another fun and productive one.  Saturday night I had a nice time hanging out with Chelsea, talking and dining and scheming about things like breadmaking.  At CousCous, we shared the spinach and manchego salad, the mussels, and the shrimp and grits.  As a shrimp and grits connoisseur, I have to say that those were some of the best shrimp and grits I’ve ever had.  So the next time you see that on the specials, get it.  Sunday morning, we brunched at 821, where Chip made me a lovely crab omelette.  After brunch, we walked around Hollywood cemetery a bit, and visited the Bryans (ahem, Kathryn, Catherine, et. al.).

For the rest of the day on Sunday, I got down to business with creating my outfit for Lebowski Fest.  I dragged out my sewing machine and sewing paraphernalia, watched three movies (My Man Godfrey, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and When Harry Met Sally), and got it done.  The finished product is rather sloppy, but it’ll pass for the Metallica Speed of Sound Tour.  I’m ready.  Photos are here.  Thank goodness for Dan’s old Metallica t-shirt.

Monday night I ate an incredible dinner with Maddie, Bruce, and Chelsea.  If you’ve never had Maddie’s turkey enchiladas with butternut squash, you haven’t lived.  I’m pretty sure most of you haven’t lived.  It was amazing, and it almost didn’t even need sour cream.  Allllllmost.  I wish there were leftovers, but we devoured it all in one sitting.

Afterwards, we made the mistake of trying to watch Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, which both disgusted and disturbed all of us, and which was an incredibly slow-moving film.  You mean child stars turn out crazy sometimes?  I had no idea.  Joan Crawford is gorgeous and all, but this one was kind of a snoozefest, to use the terminology of such rags as Seventeen and YM.
Yesterday I picked up my record player, and it is NOT fixed.  Big surprise.  At body conditioning, the instructor at one point said “I enjoy seeing you suffer!”  Then she said “just kidding,” but I don’t think she was kidding.  Afterwards, I was supposed to have bible! party!, but ended up having Legends of the Fall party with Maddie and Bruce in the living room.  As I sat there crocheting, I kept going “Why do we watch this ridiculous movie?”  And we kept watching it.  There’s definitely a science to that movie, I just haven’t figured it out yet.  That movie is the kind of all movies with a venerable old Native American figure.  “I do not know why Christian did not kill that damn old bear.”  Insane.  Absolutely nothing good happens in that movie, because even the good things end up being bad.  Even Brad Pitt’s moustache.  Especially Brad Pitt’s moustache.

There’s a lot of delicious cooking happening at our house lately, and I’m excited for Maddie to gear up for the fall.  This woman loves to make really hearty soups, and I love to eat them.  I am almost as excited about the fall as I am about Marie Antoinette.

And the other thing to be excited about right this second is my birthday excursion to DC, which should be fun.  We’ll be partying at the Rock n’ Roll Hotel, which I have yet to check out.  I hear it’s a fun place.

Alright, I know all you guys want to do is get to the links:

  • Big, giant surprise.
  • One of the nerdiest things I’ve ever seen.
  • I know some people who could use this for a regular alarm in the morning.  And I can think of some things that I could record into it, too.
  • Can’t wait to send this to my physics-studying friend Beth in Princeton.

Tonight: Hangouts with Dan and Prabir.  It’s about time I caught up with those boys.

Halloween is right around the corner.


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