dino dna!

Seriously…I will ditch the TV-B-Gone for this.

Not much going on here at the ranch.  It’s been a pretty laid-back weekend so far, which is nice.  Last night I did First Fridays with Bruce.  Probably the neatest thing we saw was the “Sweetness” show at ADA, which you can check out here.  Holy sugary, syrupy goodness, Batman.  Very cool that they let you take some lollipops for the road.  Afterwards, we headed to Reynolds, where Ron Johnson was having an opening.  Following that, everyone from Reynolds went to Can Can for free drinks on the gallery.  A stimulating evening, all in all.

Today, Sean accompanied me to take my record player to get fixed, and to the grocery store.  I came home and made some of my mom’s chipped-beef dip, but I didn’t have a green pepper so I just used sriracha.  Different, but still good.  Then I vegged out in front of Jurassic Park for a little while, so I feel like I’ve maxxed out my relaxation time for the weekend.  Now I have to be productive.

PSYCHE, I’m going out with Chelsea to paint the town red.  Or puce, or peach.  Or whatever color Chelsea wants.  I think I’ll take her around to some of the new Richmond haunts.

Last night I had a very weird dream that involved disastrous weddings.  Ask me about it for details; the weirdness wouldn’t come across in the blog, I don’t think.


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