rockabye, baby

Good grief, these pictures of Iceland by Angela Drury are beautiful.  I remember when Victoria and Joe got back from Iceland, they had a slide show party at their house and showed us all of their photos.  Almost every single one turned out perfectly.  The landscape there is so beautiful that even vacation snapshots come out looking like they were made in some fake studio, because it looks too beautiful to be real.

I’ve been sluggish and achy and not feeling well in general for the past two days; this almost never happens to me.  Hopefully mom’s dinner tonight will revive me.

We had the pleasure of playing with two different (Catherine’s, and Matt n’ Jenny’s) puppies at bible! party! this week.  I love dogs to death, but the level of responsibility required to take care of one makes me queasy.  I know these people will be good puppy parents, though.

In other news: I checked, and weeknight hangouts on the couch with our friend Netflix is still mine and Maddie’s favorite activity in the universe.

Also, haha!  We all knew it was coming, but we didn’t know when.

Link time:


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