people always love the bad guys

The best part about that guillotine is that it’s also a breakfast nook.  EARTH TO MADDIE.  This is the answer to our problems.

There’s a lot to talk about today.

First off, congrats to the beautiful and talented Jenny Hollowell, whose short fiction piece was translated for a Hebrew web site.  w00t Jenny!

Secondly: Philadelphia!  The trip was awesome, thanks to our unsinkable spirits, and no thanks to Ernesto.  The drive up on Friday was horrible, but Maddie stuck it out and we got there safely.  The bed I slept in (in Claire’s old room) was awesome…almost as good as my own bed at home.  Seeing Maddie’s friend Katie once again was a ton of fun.  Shopping on South Street was very productive (two new vintage dresses for cheap!), as was shopping at H&M (new work clothes…er, let’s face it.  just new fall clothes in general).  Drinks at Johnny Brenda‘s were good and the shoestring fries were ample.  I engaged in some garden photography at Maddie’s house, and a LOT more at Longwood Gardens (it’s highly, highly recommended).  Dinner a la Maddie at the house, with Beth and Burke, was one of the best and most entertaining meals I’ve ever had.  Driving around in Maddie’s Dad’s convertible and gaping at the size of the houses in her neighborhood was a dreamlike experience.  The weather was beautiful, and aside from a traffic jam in Delaware yesterday, we got home without a hitch.

But really, let the pictures tell the story.

Next up on the executive travel list: Louisville!

And for now, some links…

  • This project from Va Tech’s Community Design Assistance Center blew my mind.  They’ve taken to documenting the “lost” communities of Virginia by photographing the abandoned buildings that make up the communities.  They sell notecards and prints of the photographs, and they’ve even made a “Motorcyclists’ Tour Guide to ‘Lost’ Communities of Virginia’s Blue Ridge.”  This could spawn yet another Midnight Society adventure.
  • In the same vein, Hillbilly Savants links to another collection of photos.
  • I can only hope that some day I’ll be able to make a Zelda quilt.
  • Paris is foiled again: that’s one small step for mankind.
  • Some amazing quotes from the guy who plays Lucius Malfoy.  How incredibly true his observations are.
  • I think this is a great idea, especially considering the fact that expectorating anywhere besides the bathroom sink or the dentist’s chair is a disgusting habit.
  • A very interesting fashion statement indeed, and even more interesting when viewed in the light of all my recent excitement over Marie Antoinette.
  • Pretty amazing.
  • Merch from The Haunted Mansion.
  • The perfect birthday gift for your about-to-turn-25 friend.  If you have one, that is.


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