make thy books thy companions

Hmmm, why am I feeling sort of tired and blasé today?

Oh, wait…maybe it’s because there’s the remnant of a HURRICANE planted over Richmond. Once again, the sun doesn’t show his face, and we’re doomed to this melancholy weather. Battery Park is flooded, the Bottom is probably not in good shape, and everywhere you go it’s just plain wet. At least there is no chance of getting a tan.

I feel like every time some natural disaster hits Richmond, it’s actually kind of exciting. We enjoy such mild weather most of the time that weather catastrophes end up making us feel like “finally, something dramatic is happening here!” And suddenly we’re all lined up at the grocery store because we think we’ll have to survive off of what’s in our cabinets for the next six months. I’m not saying “don’t bother being cautious,” I’m just saying “everything’s always back to normal within a week, so stop panicking and enjoy the drama.” Speaking of enjoyment, I wish I was on my back porch right now, watching the rain. This morning I really didn’t want to get out of bed because the sound of the rain was such a beautiful lullabye to snooze to, but I made myself trek to the Y in the blustery downpour anyway. I ran 3.3 miles, which I’m pretty excited about. GET INTO IT.
I’m sure our drive up to Philly tonight will be an adventure, what with the accidents on 95 and all. Nevertheless, I’m ready to just hurry up and get there.

As always, I have some links for your perusal:

The best thing I’ve seen today is this blog post about a beautiful book full of photographs of libraries. One of the most stunning things to come across my radar in a while. Well, since last night when I clicked around on the Sony Pictures Marie Antoinette site. I’m kind of obsessed. Holy amazing picture overload, Batman.

Have a beautifully rainy weekend.


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