jihad me at hello

This morning my Indian friend Ryan IM’d me and said this:

ryan: there was a team of brown people at trivia night last night called “jihad me at hello”

This is why I love him.

As depressing as constant rain can sometimes be, it’s actually nice right now. The garden needs it, and it cools things off a bit. And I’m dying to wear jackets again. Coats no, jackets yes.

Yesterday after work I headed south, went to the grocery store with mom, and filled my nostrils with the delicious scent of her homemade spaghetti sauce. I gave Dad his birthday gifts, which he seemed to like, and we had coffee and talked until I had to leave. Then it was on to the studio for Project Runway with Justin Bailey, and to my surprise, Daron was back. So that was nice, although they tried to stuff me with late-night snacks. Chelsea came and brought me some homemade bread (!!!!), so it’s a carbohydrate shame spiral for me these days.

Today I’m lunching with Modern Chris; I think we’re having sushi. Dinner with Justin Spears, so it’ll be a full day of playing catch-up. And tomorrow night I leave for Philly with the urban family. I’m looking forward to getting out of town, seeing Beth, and riding in the fast car.

Last night I dreamed that all of my ex-boyfriends wanted to get back with me. Weird, scary, puzzling. Everywhere I went I saw some ex, and he was like “so I’m ready to do this again” and I’m like “ACK!” I didn’t even recognize one of them at first. What a weird dream, since none of them would actually do that in real life….and yet, exciting and liberating that I had an adverse reaction to all of them. “Are you crazy? / I don’t think so, friend.” I suppose this is just a continuance of the weird dream trend in my life right now.

The night before last, I dreamed that I visited some weird vegetable-growing plantation, where everybody lived in a big house at one end of the field, and picked lettuce all night with these huge floodlights pointed on them. The owner took me around in a canoe (the fields were criss-crossed by canals) and showed me around. Then he tried to holler at me and I was like “Yikes!” But like five minutes later I realized I liked him and hollered back at him. However, then I woke up. I have no idea who that person was based off of in real life, but I remember that his name was “Moss.” Yes, of course I would be involved with someone who is named after a type of tiny growth that happens in the forest.


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