pet peeves, pickle juice, and unbeige

Last night my bass lesson went swimmingly, and afterwards Marshall and I dined at Ipanema. So I’ve yet another blackened tofu salad under my belt, and all’s right with the world.

I came home to a lovely scene: Maddie embroidering and watching Fiddler on the Roof. I joined her, and then sang my way to bed after the Fruma Sarah scene.

Lately I’ve had the good fortune to find three different online items that echo my thoughts exactly about certain pet peeves:

  1. Pet peeve: people who don’t know how to merge
    Blog entry that hits the nail on the head
  2. Pet peeve: people who equate “love” with “butterflies”
    Blog entry that hits the nail on the head
  3. Pet peeve: people who use Caps Lock
    Organization that hits the nail on the head

And as far as the usual ol’ links go…

In other news, I’m liking it here at the new blog. I spent part of yesterday bulking up all the links on the right-hand side of the page, as well as adding descriptions to them. So when you roll the mouse over the links, little tooltips come up to tell you what each one is. Some are too long, but I’ll get to that later.

I can also moderate comments really easily with WordPress, and I have it set to where you have to have one approved comment before it’ll just let you comment immediately.

But the blog stats are the most interesting thing to me. Xanga had some really basic, rudimentary thing where you could see what state / search engine / time / etc. people were accessing your blog from, but WordPress has fancy charts and graphs and such. Very nice. Much to my surprise, way more people look at my blog every day than I thought. And many more people subscribe to my RSS feed than I thought.

So thanks for reading, everyone!


2 thoughts on “pet peeves, pickle juice, and unbeige

  1. Hi! I have nothing relevant to say other than that I wanted to be the first person to comment on your new blog. It looks nice.

  2. let’s talk about how my mom buys me crap from the Museum of ordinary things. I want the handless book holder.

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