move it, move it

So here we are, all snug and comfortable at the new blog. Why did I move from Xanga to WordPress?

— You can avoid having banner ads here at WordPress, as opposed to Xanga, where you have to pay every month if you want to get rid of the ads.
— Greater freedom for customization.
— A cleaner interface in general (without all that garbage that Xanga sticks up and down the side of your blog).
— When you’re posting you can do “Ctrl-I” and other commands like that, unlike in Xanga (you have to actually click on the little italics button).
Matt Morton‘s doing it.

Already I think this is a prettier, easier route for me, but I still have a long way to go. Eventually I think I’ll pay the one-time fee to be able to edit the CSS, so I can change the background color of this blog, etc. etc. But right now it’s good enough, so enjoy.

Most notably, there are some useful things over on the right-hand side.
— My ten most recent bookmarks, automatically added as I update them. So you can see what I’ve been lurking lately.
— Links to other blogs I read.
— Links to friends’ web sites.
— Other important links.
— The RSS feed.


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